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Who is Jake

I'm best known for my work in the career education industry, where I help businesses and educators to boost engagement with young people. I'm proud to run a company called Authentic Engagement working with amazing organisations.

For the last three years I've increased youth engagement through the lenses of Speaking, Content Creation, Consultancy, Marketing, Programme Design and Psychology.  I've been able to work alongside many great people to bring clients' vision to life.


When I left school, I had no idea what I wanted to 'do'. In my early twenties, I began experimenting, dabbling in App Creation, Board Game Design and Football Coaching. I became engaged in my development. But why hadn't I done it sooner? After sharing these experiences with friends, word got out. Now, I know the value of engaging young people in their futures.


In my spare time, I write music, read and play games. I've made it a habit to experiment with new hobbies. Currently, I'm learning programming (C#). Previously, I've; learnt to paint, designed an augmented-reality app, become good at Tennis, tried improv comedy, plus many more.  Next, I want to learn how to surf.

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