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A Relevant Voice to Engage Young People With Their Futures

Careers Speaker - TikTok for CEIAG - Partner of EthosVO


"A must see for those working through career aspirations and goals."

JH - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainer


Hi, I'm Jake!

From leaving school unemployed and NEET with no idea what I wanted to do in my life, to having success in my career but feeling stressed and anxious. My story shares the actions young people can take to stand out from the crowd, whilst finding work that they love.

I am a young person helping CEIAG leaders better connect and engage with the young people they serve.

The problem is that it's often difficult to engage young people with their futures. With my experience and research I've learnt how to help young people reach their potential.


"His talk is still being spoken about amongst those who were in the PSA audience that day. Jake holds people's attention and he inspires them as he is an exceptional motivational speaker and shines on stage"

AR - Top 1% Global Podcast Host

Business Conference

Employability, Careers and Entrepreneurship talks and workshops for students at School, College or University.

With over 2 Billion views on #CareerAdvice alone, TikTok is a platform where young people are searching for CEIAG.

Giving young people the opportunity to explore socially valuable work, in collaboration with businesses, councils and local authorities.


"He gave some really good guidance on how to figure out what was right for me... I know that his advice will make finding the right career for me significantly easier and I have no hesitation to recommend him to fellow university graduates in a similar situation."

VD - University Graduate


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Focus on WHY

Focusing on the importance of WHY, Amy Rowlinson asks her guests to share their WHY - essentially, what it is they do and why they do it. The Focus on WHY podcast is a collection of relatable, uplifting and inspiring conversations seeking to inspire you with getting different perspectives provided by guests who are at differing stages in their careers, businesses and lives.



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