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Engaging Young People in Careers and Education Through TikTok

Influencing | Content Creation | Advising

"Certainly changed my own perceptions of how TikTok can be used effectively to reach out to young people."

TS - Former Deputy Headteacher and Education Consultant



With his audience of over 4000+ Young People interested in careers education, opportunities, and advice, Jake is a trusted and relevant voice for young people, engaging them with valuable content.


Brand Building

Creating daily content for your social media channels, Jake enables you to organically grow your online reach and serve your community - Giving you and your team time and space to do what you do best.


Advice and Support

If you're interested in TikTok, but don't know where to start, check out Jake's TikTok Challenge. The challenge has helped dozens of careers leaders engage 40k+ Young People in positive messages and outcomes. Or send a message.

You're in Good Company

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