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How to Use TikTok to Better Engage Young People With Your Work

- Short videos teaching you how TikTok works.

- Daily prompts for you to create your first five TikToks.

- Top tips on shortform content from a professional speaker.

I'm not running the challenge this month, but if you'd like to see the videos in advance and be updated when the next group starts, drop your email in the box below.!

No more than fifteen minutes a day required.
Completely free. Honestly.

Thanks for submitting!

"Before joining the challenge I honestly thought it was just for the kids, and no-one who does what I do or people who I help would be on the platform"

LH, Business Improvement Coach

Here's some examples of the reach &  engagement I get from my TikToks

"The challenge has empowered me to do more and develop opportunities for supporting more young people with career choices."

JF, Commissioner for Skills Development

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